How to Help

There are so many ways you can help us here at Cats at the Studios. Besides donating money or supplies, we would be very grateful if you could donate your time.

We are a small cat rescue and adoption organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse, and neglect of cats and kittens. We have no office, no shelter, and no paid staff; we are a 100% nonprofit. With community support and our dedicated volunteers, we can accomplish hundreds of miracles a year. Cats at the Studios Inc. is run entirely by devoted people with busy lives who volunteer their time and resources to help save the lives of these animals.


Sometimes we need an extra pair of hands to help us at Petco with morning and evening cleaning, feeding, giving fresh water, and scooping the litter boxes of the rescue cats who are temporarily housed on the premises. This takes about one hour for each visit, two times per day. Cuddling and playing with the kittens and cats while cleaning is a bonus and it helps with socialization! If you would like more information, please complete the Foster/Volunteer Application below. It takes a village of caring people to find loving homes for these deserving kittens and cats.

Our needs may differ from week to week. Occasionally, we need assistance with transporting cats to adoption locations or bailing them out of the shelter.

Be a Foster Parent or Volunteer

Foster/Volunteer Application

Want to shower an animal with love, but can’t possibly keep another one? Because we don’t have a permanent facility, we need caring, responsible homes to take care of and love our kittens and cats until they find a permanent forever home. These homes are an integral part of our program and, without them, we would not be able to rescue as many cats. Fostering sometimes means taming a litter of semi-feral kittens (stray kittens that are not socialized) so they may have an opportunity to be adopted. We also need foster homes for bottle babies. CATS Inc. provides the funds for all pre-approved veterinary care the cat or kitten might need. You pay for supplies such as food and litter. When the time is right, you agree to make arrangements to spay or neuter your kittens or cats and regularly bring your fosters to Petco adoption events.

Many potential fosters worry about being able to let their ‘babies’ go. Adoption day can be difficult, but comfort can be taken by knowing he or she now has a place to call home, and the simple fact that if this cat does not go to a new home, another one cannot be saved. The emotional reward is part of what makes all the effort worthwhile!

Be a Community Foster:

Community Foster Application

Community Fosters bring in their rescue kittens and cats. We are a small group and often our regular foster homes are full. Regardless, we are happy to assist members of the community in the adoption process and have established a Community Foster Program. Often members of the community find kittens or cats in their backyard or want to rehome their cat as well as a variety of other situations. Like our regular Fosters, Community Fosters are required to have these cats spayed or neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV (Feline Leukemia and Feline HIV), vaccinated, treated for fleas, de-wormed and trimmed their nails before scheduling them for adoption events. Be advised that each Community Foster is fully responsible for all expenses incurred for their rescue cats. We may be able to provide vaccinations, flea treatment, and worming medication at a reduced rate. We may also be able to refer you to reduced-rate rescue vets for spay/neuter and testing for FeLV/FIV. Kittens are spayed at 2.50 lbs.

Petfinder Listing. Excellent photos play an important part in helping your cat find a forever home so be sure to take plenty of pictures. You can select up to three of your favorites for each online biography. Use natural sunlight in the background to greatly enhance your photos. Each biography should include the cat’s name, sex, estimated approximate date of birth, breed(s), length of fur, and a brief description of your cat’s personality and background. Identify special needs, if any. Include litter mates names, sex, and breed to encourage the applicant to adopt two cats from the same litter. If you do not have a digital camera, we may be able to find someone to assist you.

Adoption Events. Adoption events are held each weekend at Petco. Check our website for locations, days, and hours. You will receive a cage reservation email each week and you can request cage space to show your cat. If you book cage space and are unable to attend adoptions, please notify us immediately so your cage may be used by another person.

Medical Records. Prior to adoption, your cat must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, receive flea and de-worming medication as a precautionary measure, have nails clipped, and be presentable. Each cat must also be healthy (no fleas, sneezing or respiratory disease, ringworm, diarrhea, worms, parasites, etc). Bring two copies of all medical records to each adoption event which should include dates of vaccinations, type (label on vaccine vial), proof of FeLV/FIV testing and result (negative or positive), spay or neuter certificate from vet’s office, and any other medical chart notes documenting pre-existing medical conditions and/or treatment. NOTE: Please contact a member of the CATS Inc. Board of Directors immediately if your cat or kitten tests positive for FeLV/FIV so we can make special arrangements.

Placement. We adopt only to homes that will keep the cats indoors and will not declaw. We also will not adopt pets out as gifts, and have guidelines against adopting young kittens out to homes with no other pets or to homes with very young children. We have an Adoption Application and Contract and carefully screen and review each potential adopter. CATS Inc. determines the amount of the adoption fee for each cat and retains all adoption fees. Adoption fees help offset potential medical expenses and pay the way forward to help other rescue cats and kittens in need.

Help Us Raise Funds

If you can spare any time to promote the no-cost Ralphs Community Contribution or SmileAmazon programs or know of similar fundraising ideas, we would gladly welcome your contribution. We need people to help generate funds to assist with medical expenses at all times. Our cats and kittens depend entirely on charitable donations within the community.