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In 1931, legend has it that movie magnate Jack Warner found himself with a temperamental star on his hands. During the filming of Public Enemy Number One, James Cagney found his favorite wool cap destroyed by “dirty rats” that had inhabited his dressing room. Cagney stormed Warner’s office and fumed, “Everyone in the world knows the best exterminator of rats is the cat! You ain’t seeing me back here ‘till I hear some meowing!” The same day, Warner paid a visit to the local animal shelter and returned to the studio—with a limousine full of cats. He placed a tin can in his office he called the “kitty kitty” to collect donations for the new studio “employees.”


Today most of Tinseltown’s original stars have made their farewell performances, but the descendants of Warner’s studio cats still roam the sets. In 1984, a group of studio employees on the Warner Brothers backlot decided something had to be done for the growing number of homeless cats in their workplace. Cats at the Studios (CATS Inc.) was born: a nonprofit organization whose caregivers have picked up where Warner left off. For the past thirty years, CATS Inc. has ensured that all cats living in the studio backlots are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, provided with any needed medical care, and daily provided fresh food and water. All of the tame cats found on the backlot have been adopted into new homes.

After thirty years of caring for the cats of the studio system, CATS Inc. has grown far beyond its original group of founders—and expanded its early mandate. Because of our success with the cats of the studio lots, CATS Inc. is now able to dedicate our resources to all the cats and kittens of Los Angeles, offering rescue, care, and adoption to cats and kittens from all corners of the city, in all situations and places. We rely solely on our adoption fees and donations from the public to continue the hard work of rescuing the cats of Los Angeles that need help.

What We Do

Ultimately, what we do is CARE.
calicoCats at the Studios, Inc. is a nonprofit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering and spaying, and finding homes for abandoned cats and kittens. The shelters are overflowing with unwanted pets that are euthanized, and many of our cats are rescued on their last days at the shelter. Sometimes people will find stray or injured cats and contact us to help. Every cat that comes into our care is welcomed with open arms. Our kitties are all fostered in private homes by volunteers. They eat premium quality food, get excellent veterinary care, and of course receive lots of love! Un-weaned kittens are bottle-fed around the clock, and foster parents encounter many challenges along with much joy until the babies are past the danger zone.

In an effort to curb the rapidly increasing number of newborns left to the streets, our rescued kittens are neutered and spayed before being placed in their forever homes. We dedicate a lot of time and oftentimes our own money while our cats await adoption. Because of our committed team of animal-loving volunteers, Cats at the Studios is able to apply all of its limited financial resources directly towards the care of rescued kittens and cats. Nevertheless, because of the ongoing expense of vaccinations, neutering and spaying, and additional medical care, we are in need of donations at all times. There are many ways you can help us. One of the fastest ways to help is to make a tax-deductible donation online by using the PayPal secure server. Also, check out our link “How to Help” for other ways you can contribute.

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