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Ultimately, what we do is care.

Cats at the Studios, Inc. (“CATS Inc.”) is a nonprofit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering and spaying, and finding homes for abandoned cats and kittens.

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There are many good reasons to choose an older cat. An older cat’s personality is fully formed. Older cats are not as messy or destructive. Older cats have better litter box habits. An adult cat usually knows how to avoid danger. An older cat has more common sense and doesn’t need to be watched every moment of the day, making her a better choice for busy owners. Owners of adult cats usually enjoy better sleep. Adult cats are less hyperactive, and less likely to pounce on an owner in his sleep and bite his toes or run around the house, crashing into things and making noise at night, letting their owners enjoy a good night’s sleep. Potential adopters may be concerned that if they choose an older cat, they won’t have many years together. Indoor cats are living longer than years ago. Most cats now live into their teens, often their late teens, and some into their twenties because owners are more protective and better informed. In addition, veterinary care has advanced over the years.